President  Ruto  shuts  down over 1,000 pay bills for government services.

President Ruto has announced the closure of all Pay Bill Numbers, except one that will be used to remit all government funds to the National Treasury.

Speaking during the launch of ‘’Gava Mkononi’  a mobile app President Ruto stated that All government funds will  be remitted via the Pay Bill number 222 222.

“Apart from making sure that there is no multiplicity of pay bills by government agencies. No citizen should be told to pay for the service using this pay bill. All Kenyans must know that if they have to pay for the government services it has to be 222222,” he said.

“The government expects that all services must go through the pay bill so that the treasury can have sight of every service that is paid for.”

 Ruto stated that his government was realigning financial management to ensure efficiency and cut down on corrupt activities.

He said Kenyans should not be duped to use other pay bills or mobile accounts.

Ruto unveiled e-Citizen Services, GavaMkononi App and Gava Express in his push for the digitisation of government services.

The services  include  NTSA (Provisional Driving License), Business Registration Services, Police Clearance / Certificate of Good Conduct, Civil Registration Services (Marriage), Foreign Nationals Initial Registration, Directorate of Immigration Services, Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Revenue Authority, HELB, and MSMEs (Hustler Fund).

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