Ruto Breaks Silence On Shakahola Massacre

President William Ruto has broken his silence on the Shakahola massacre, saying that the perpetrators belong in jail.

According to the President, people like Paul Mackenzie, the controversial preacher linked to the cult, do not belong to any religion, but to a prison.

Speaking during the kenya prisons cadets pass out parade in Ruiru, President Ruto described Mackenzie as a criminal disguised as a priest and compared the massacre, which has left 112 people missing, to an act of terrorism.

“What we are seeing in Kilifi, Shakahola is a kin to terrorism. There is no difference between Mr Mackenzie who pretends and postures as a pastor when in fact he is a terrible criminal,” he said 

“Terrorists use religion to advance their heinous acts. People like Mackenzie are using religion to do the same thing… Let me say for the avoidance of doubt that people like Mackenzie and all other terrorists and criminals do not belong to any religion, they belong to jail and that is where they should be.”

He insisted that if any religious group preaches against the tenets of the constitution, those responsible should be prosecuted.

The president added that such institutions should be closed down because they are working against the collective interest of the people of Kenya.

Elsewhere, the Kenya Red Cross revealed that 112 people have been reported missing at a tracing desk set up at the Malindi Sub-County Hospital. 

Malindi head of investigations Charles Kamau said on Sunday they exhumed 26 bodies increasing the number to 57.

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