SUPKEM Chairman Criticizes Kindiki Over Idd-ul-Fitr Holiday Notice

A number of Muslim leaders objected to Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki’s Proclamation designating Friday, April 21st as Idd-ul-fitr .

The chairman of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims Hassan Ole Naado criticized the CS , saying that the holiday should have been on Monday, April 24.

“We have gotten this one wrong! May Allah guide us. The correct public holiday (Idd-ul-Fitr) is supposed to be Monday, as both Saturday and Sunday are considered holidays in our country,” Hassan wrote.

SUPKEM pointed out that calling Friday a holiday was inaccurate because it was still a day of fasting for  Muslims.

“This might be the first Idd-ul-Fitr to be celebrated by fasting Muslims,” Hassan added.

The gazettement came after the Interior team flagged several faked gazette notices indicating that Kindiki had gazetted Monday, April 24, as a public holiday.

However, by the time of this publication, Kindiki had not responded to Supkem leaders’ concerns regarding the public holiday

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