Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi summons over 20 local maize millers

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi has summoned over 20 local maize millers over the price of unga  to find out why they are yet to lower the prices of their respective unga brands.

In the meeting which will be on Friday, the CS  said he will be seeking to know why they are yet to lower the prices of unga depending on their brands.

A spot check on Tuesday revealed that only a single maize miller, Ajab, was selling its products below Ksh.170 despite President William Ruto publicly announcing that the cost of the basic commodity will go down significantly this week.

A section of millers denied reducing prices for unga even as images of some brands selling their products slightly below Sh160 emerged on social media.

speaking through a local media CS Linturi disclosed that Ajab brand was one of the beneficiaries of the Kenya Kwanza government’s decision to grant maize millers permits to import maize duty-free. 

The permits to import the duty-free maize are set to expire in August,  just about when local maize farmers reap their harvests.

In relation to that, CS Linturi said that millers who have applied for the permits but won’t have bought the commodities by then,  risk having their import licenses revoked.

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