Senate Passes IEBC Amendment Bill, Invites Recruitment of Comissioners

The Senate has  passed the IEBC Bill without amendments.

The Justice and Legal and affairs committee had proposed to reduce the number of slots given to the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) in the selection panel from two to one and increase those of the Political Parties Liason Committee to two from one.

The Senators also rejected an amendment by nominated Senator Catherine Mumma who intended to take away the slot given to the Public Service commission and donate it to the Political Parties Liason Committee.

Twenty-eight senators voted in favour of the Bill, 2022 which changes the composition of the selection panel

The Bill, signed by National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wa  has reduced the allocation of the Parliamentary Service Commission to two from four nominees .

The bill which now awaits assenting by the president states that the selection panel shall consist of two men and two women nominated by the PSC, and one person each nominated by LSK and two persons nominated by the Interreligious council of Kenya.

Professor Tom Ojienda has opposed the proposed IEBC amendment bill currently in its committee stage of the senate arguing that political players will have a  majority in the selection panel.

According to the lawyer, the selection panel should consist of impartial nominees noting that the amendments will create an imbalance in favor of politicians

Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale had on his part proposed the bill saying the IEBC Amendment Bill 2022, should be passed without making any amendments.

According to Section 7A (2) of the IEBC Act, the President shall declare a vacancy in the commission within seven days of occurrence of a vacancy in the office of the chairperson or a member of the commission.

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