Mulot of the Sim Swap Syndicate Identified

The mastermind behind the Mulot SIM swap syndicate, David Mutai also known as Hillary Langat Matindwet, has been identified by detectives from the Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau.

In a statement by DCI, Mutai, a convicted criminal with several arrest warrants, is the leader of a criminal enterprise that uses SIM swap scams to hijack victims’ cell phone numbers and access their personal data and bank accounts through mobile banking apps.

Recently, the syndicate was able to steal 941,000 KSH from the bank account of a Rift Valley legislator who was out of the country.

Two of Mutai’s accomplices, Justus Rono and Kevin Kiplagat, have been arrested in Mulot and Sigor market, respectively.

Rono, who is one of Mutai’s trusted allies, often disguises himself as a boda boda rider to avoid detection by law enforcement. Kiplagat was apprehended in Sigor market, a location known for harboring criminals.

The syndicate has also been registering multiple SIM cards using fraudulent identification documents and depositing the stolen money into different Mpesa accounts in an effort to evade detection by detectives.

In many cases, the syndicate poses as customer care agents from banks and requests personal information from victims, including account numbers and PINs, in order to duplicate their accounts and steal their money through successful SIM swaps.

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