Lionesses Scout For International Training Grounds

The National rugby women’s team also known as the Kenya Lionesses, are opting for Doha, South Africa, Stellenbosch as potential training grounds for an expectedly busy 2023.

Head coach Dennis Mwanja, who handles both the sevens and 15s teams, says he hopes that the training camps can be approved so that they have a better show.

The 15s are preparing for the Africa Women’s Cup in may where they will face off with South Africa, Madagascar and Cameroon for the Championship, which will also be used as qualification for the 2025 Women’s World Cup.

We are planning long term because we have a lot on the plate. There’s a delicate balance on how much we should put in for both the sevens and 15s,” the coach said.

He added; “We are looking at local camps as well as the possibility of an international camp probably in Stellenbosch or Qatar but it is yet to be confirmed. We will do a lot in terms of training for both teams and we also have unconfirmed possibilities of friendly matches. We are waiting for January to confirm the availability of various teams but our work is cut out.”

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