5-storey building collapses in Ruiru after emergency evacuation

The 5-storey building that developed cracks in Ruiru forcing tenants to vacate yesterday has collapsed.

Kiambu governor Kimani Wamatangi led the evacuation exercise yesterday after receiving reports from the national Construction Authority and the Ruiru OCPD.

Speaking during the aftermath of 2 collapsed houses in Kirigiti, Ruaka where 7 people lost their lives, Wamatangi said the Ruiru house had tilted after its columns cracked and was leaning on an adjacent house.

“From now henceforth, all construction laws must be followed. It is a huge loss to the Landlord to build a Ksh. 50 million worthy house but failing to adhere to regulations that only cost a little sum of money,” Wamatangi said.

The governor condemned greed, stating no amount of money can be likened to life.

According to residents, the ill-fated building was initially a bar and the owners continued with construction even as the entertainment joint was operational.

They are now pleading with the landlord to payback deposits made by the tenants who just vacated.

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