Catholic church seeks to raise funds for relief aid

The Catholic church in Nyeri is seeking to raise 50 million shillings to feed the hungry families in 7 counties for the next two months.

Nyeri catholic archbishop Anthony Muheria says the initiative dubbed hope for you, seeks to join efforts by the government and well wishers in mitigating the effects of drought in the county.

“Some farmers, especially in arid and semi-arid areas have not had a successful harvest in six seasons and are facing the danger of death,” he added.

“We have not been taking care of the environment, cutting down trees and failing to heed the needs of our environment and now we are facing this drastic situation,” he said.

This project targets individuals, corporate bodies and donor organizations to raise funds.

The set duration is in the hope that it rains soon enough to enable farmers to reap enough to live on without relief aid. 

Muheria was speaking at Our Lady of Consolata Cathedral in Nyeri town, where he was accompanied by several priests, and representatives of the Catholic Men’s Association (Nyeri) and Kitui Diocese.

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