Kenya earns Ksh7bn from Avocado exports to China

Avocado Farming in Kenya [Photo: Nasonga]

Data from the Horticulture Directorate indicates that Kenya’s exports of avocado to China hit 7 billion shillings in the three months to October, exceeding the earnings that were realized in the first seven months of 2022.

According to the Data, the rise was mainly influenced by the importation of the commodity to Asia beginning of August.

In comparison, the country earned 6 billion shillings from avocado exports to China between January and July 2022.

Head of Horticulture Directorate Benjamin Tito says Kenya has exported 1.7 million Kgs of avocado since it was allowed to ship fresh produce to Asia.

“The fact that the country has earned Sh7 billion from avocado exports means that the market presents a great opportunity for our farmers,” said Mr Tito.

This comes after in March China allowed Kenya to export fresh avocado.

According to the Chief executive officer of Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya Ojepat Okisegere, producers seeking to export fresh avocados to China have to ensure that all their production farms, pack houses and fumigation treatment facilities are registered as one of the conditions to access that market.

The fruits should also be in order as per the applicable Chinese phytosanitary laws and regulations, health and safety standards and be free from any quarantine pests of concern to China.

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