Petition filed against ps nominees awaiting vetting

A petition has been filed by one Frederick kiberi at the High Court seeking to stop the vetting by Parliament and the swearing-in of people nominated for the positions of Principal Secretaries.

 Frederick Kiberi claims the list unveiled by President William Ruto does not meet the constitutional, gender, regional and ethnic balance threshold, including inclusivity of the marginalized communities.

On 2nd November President William Ruto unveiled a list of 51 names of principal secretaries’ nominees who are awaiting vetting by Parliament.

Through his lawyers, Frederick Kiberi claims that the nominations do not depict national representation as they have excluded the youth, people with disability, the marginalized, and the elderly.

He says if Parliament will be allowed to vet and debate the names it will be going against principles of good governance as enlisted in article 10 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

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