Uber: Tourism Industry records an incline in travel bookings

Kenyan Driver [Photo: HapaKenya]

Ride-hailing app – Uber notes that the country’s tourism industry is recording an incline in travel bookings.

Uber says that airport requests alone on the app in the country have increased by 51.93 percent compared to 2021.

According to the company, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is one of the top visited places by its customers, followed by Moi International Airport.

Uber’s Head of East Africa Imran Manji says a significant portion of the riders taking these trips have been national and international visitors.

“For global tourists to Kenya, particularly those on a first visit, the experience of arriving in the country can be somewhat intimidating. So the familiarity of Uber combined with the convenience of being able to input your destination without any language barrier challenges makes a very appealing proposition,” said Manji.

Meanwhile, reports from Trading Economics also show that travel bookings went up, as tourist arrivals in Kenya rose from 90,487 in May to 108,166 in June 2022.

Earnings from the Tourism Ministry more than doubled to 167.1 billion shillings from January to August 2022, from 83 billion shillings in the same period last year.

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