Former President Mwai Kibaki Dies at 90

Former President Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki is dead.

Making the announcement at Statehouse Nairobi, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said former President Kibaki  will forever be remembered as a gentleman in Kenyan politics,  and a brilliant debater. 

Kibaki served as the third President of Kenya from December 2002 until April 2013 and has died at the age of 90. 

President Kenyatta has declared a period of mourning, including the flags flying at half-mast until a state funeral is held for the late Kibaki.

The late Mwai Kibaki served the country as  finance minister from 1969-198, and as Kenya’s Vice President from 1978 – 1988.

He was first elected on a National Alliance Rainbow Coalition (NARC) in the year 2002, and then on the Party Of National Unity in 2007.

President Kenyatta said, as the country mourns the immeasurable loss of Kibaki, they recall with eternal gratitude President Kibaki’s patriotic journey in service to his Country, which can be traced way back to Kenya’s fight for liberation.

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