God’s Sustaining Grace

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“Grace is love that cares and stoops and rescues.” John Stott.

Through the dark days, unclear moments, the heartbreak, the pain, the sickness, the confusion, during the misunderstanding, during the grief, in the middle of a pandemic, when we feel lost, devalued, unloved, when we are hitting a wall, and nothing is making sense, and when everything is falling apart; God is there next to us. He shows up right on time when we least expected him. 

Our inner self, and not our physical body, are who we are. Sometimes, our spirits get crushed and reflect on the outside. Those who are crushed in spirit are saved by God. During these circumstances, we learn what total submission entails. We start to comprehend that God is everything to us. He’s everything we’ve been looking for. He is the one who created us, He is our heavenly Father. When we get closer to God, he gets closer to us.

We need to understand that God is inviting us to talk to him.  Even when we show up ninety times with the same concern He does not get tired of listening to us. He welcomes us and listens to us very keenly. As we keep talking to Him, we find calmness and solutions.  Prayer is a form of talking to God, it can be as simple as saying ‘God, help me I don’t know what to do.’ Never underestimate the power of prayer, one small prayer can change your life completely.

The lowly are exalted by God; those who mourn are carried to safety. God is a wonderful, God. He isn’t human, he doesn’t lie; He doesn’t violate His promises, and His promises don’t come back to him void after they’ve fulfilled their purpose. Have faith in God’s promises. We have a solid rock in God. When everything else seems to be crumbling around us, we can rest certain in God. He has an everlasting affection for us. He is the originator of all things. We have everything we need in him.

God will always sustain us even on the hard days. His righteous hand upholds us through it all. His grace is always present in every second, minute, hour. We need not worry, He is the way maker, He is still faithful, He is still good at the end of the day all answers point to him. During these times we are not alone, God is with us. In times like these, we need to draw closer to God.

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