A US Pastor Provides Trauma Kits to Ukrainians

People evacuating Ukraine [Photo: The Cut]

American Pastor Bill Devlin is working directly with the Ukrainian Army to help those wounded in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Devlin, who is a veteran of the Vietnam War and Purple Heart recipient, serves as the outreach pastor for Infinity Bible Church in New York.

He is currently in Ukraine with a team of four other people, including three other military veterans and an ABC News reporter. 

“Somebody, the government, who knows, [a nongovernmental organization] has set up a tent here and these poor folks are going through bags and boxes of clothing in order to bring it back to wherever they’re staying. So these folks came with nothing and now, someone has set up this tent here in order for them to get some clothing for their families.”

Devlin, who arrived in Ukraine on Saturday, was invited by the Ukrainian Army.

“Our safety is not a concern for us. We’re more concerned with helping the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Civil Defense Forces and also the Ukrainian Army,” said Devlin.

He cited food and medical supplies as the greatest items of need in Ukraine.

He noted that they loaded the entire commercial bus that they traveled in from Warsaw to Ukraine with food, medical supplies and clothing.

The outreach pastor also says he is providing spiritual, emotional and psychological support to those affected in Ukraine.

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