DP Ruto calls for more funding to the judiciary

Deputy President William Ruto has once again insisted that the judiciary needs to be adequately funded in order to deal with corruption cases.

Speaking during a consultative meeting with the Kenya private sector alliance, the DP took a swipe at the intention to revive the BBI process that he says will see the judiciary controlled by the president.

The DP further promised that he would free all the government agencies to be independent if he is elected president .

The DP reiterated that the DCI and the EACC has continued to be used by the executive to settle personal scores in the runup to the general election.

The DP was accompanied by ANC leader Musali Mudavadi who also castigated the attempt to create positions for leaders after the coming general election.

The claims by the DP Ruto and Mudavadi come even a the country await the Supreme court ruling on the BBI appeal that will be given on notice.

The BBI had proposed the post of the judiciary ombudsman who will be appointed by the President.

The proposed law also envisioned the creation of the post of Prime minister and two deputies who will be appointed by the President .

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