Political parties bill case to be heard by a three judge bench

 The case challenging the political parties’ amendment Act 2021 will now be heard by a three-judge bench. Justice Hedwig Ong’udi recommended that the be heard by the three judge bench due to the its nature.

The court has also allowed Azimio La Umoja to be enjoined in the matter as interested parties. The case will be mentioned on 24th March .

Several lobby groups had filed the petition challenging the act saying its timing was suspect. The new law amends the Political Parties Act of 2011 by introducing the concept of coalition political parties, outlining functions of political parties as well as changing the criteria of accessing the Political Parties Fund.

The act also demands that  political parties seeking to form a coalition party to finalize and submit their agreements to the Registrar of Political Parties by April 9, four months to the August 9 general election.

Political parties will also have to finalize their membership register by 21st of this month and deposit it with the registrar. The list will be final to be used during the party nominations.

The changes were fought by allies of Deputy President William Ruto when the bill was in the parliamentary stage but President Uhuru and Raila Odinga team pushed through to the end.

The ruling on the bill might however be time barred with the deadlines for political parties approaching.

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