Energy Ministry Affirms its Commitment to Reduce Electricity Cost

CS Monica Juma [Photo: Breaking News Kenya]

Energy Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma has affirmed that the 30 percent reduction in the cost of electricity is still on course and will run through to December 2022.

Addressing the press in Nairobi, Juma noted that a number of Kenyans have recorded a reduction in their monthly electricity charges, following a 15 percent cost reduction which took effect on 1st of January.

She noted that the ministry is working to see the effect of another 15 percent reduction, within the first quarter of this year, bringing the total cut to 30 percent.

” We are working hard at ensuring the next 15% tranche is effected as promised. The ministry will ensure all measures that deliver on its mandate of providing affordable and accessible energy to power our growth and development. 

The journey of reforms in the energy sector is irreversible. We will ensure efficiencies and optimization that improves our global competitiveness, drives job creation and powers economic growth,” said the CS.

The cut will see consumer costs drop from an average 24 shillings per kilowatt-hour to 16 shillings.

“This reduction will boost livelihoods and economic growth by reducing the cost of living, put more money in Kenyans pockets and reduce the cost of doing business,” noted Juma.

The move follows Uhuru Kenyatta’s pledge on Jamhuri Day in 2021.

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