ODM Boss Odinga Assures to Unite and Grow Kenya

ODM Boss Raila Odinga has yet again affirmed that the handshake between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta sought to, among others unite the country.

Speaking while meeting Kilifi leaders at Chungwa House in Nairobi, Odinga noted that for years, especially after the 2017 general election, Kenya was divided due to discrimination and ethnicity fueled by divisive politics.

He said that this mainly contributed to his collaboration with president Uhuru so as to unite all Kenyans.

The two came up with the handshake on 9th of March 2018.

“We met to talk, and we talk for a long time….the first time we talked for 13 hours then we adjourned, then we went again and talked for another six hours and we said that Kenya is divided with a lot of discrimination and ethnicity and so on,” said Odinga.

The ODM boss then championed for Azimio la Umoja Campaign, which he says if elected into office as the next president, will address a number of issues Kenyans are facing.

Among his main agendas is to offer Kenyans affordable health services under a new program known as ‘Baba Care’.

Odinga launched Azimio in 2021, promising to unite the country and safeguard the progress made, build and share prosperity equitably.

“Baba Care means that we give each and every Kenyan who is sick, opportunity for treatment. And we want to have a level 4 hospital in each and every sub-county.”

The former Prime Minister says that top of his agenda, is to also introduce better education systems to citizens that will see every student have access to equal education services.

“We need to give every child, despite the economic state of their parent, equal opportunities to study in nursery, primary, secondary up to university. Then they get respective jobs with their line of study and they will have jobs to sustain them,” he said.

Under what he calls his ten-point agenda, Odinga also reiterated that he would introduce social protection programs that would see every Kenyan pocket a Ksh. 6,000 monthly stipend.

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