President Uhuru to Visit the New Kipevu Oil Terminal

[Photo: Kenya Ports Authority]

President Uhuru Kenyatta will today inspect the progress of the ongoing works at the new Kipevu Oil Terminal located at the Port of Mombasa.

According to Kenya Ports Authority Managing Director John Mwangemi, the new terminal which is faster and more modern will have various economic benefits to the Coastal region.

This is through reduced freight costs owing to improved cargo handling capacities and leverages.

He says the old terminal only had a capacity to accommodate only one vessel at any given time.

“Then the discharge pipe sizes were smaller, product and discharge flow rates were also much slower although they served well at the time,” Mwangemi said.

According to Mwangemi, this new berth will also has four berths whose total length is 770 metres, and one work boat wharf at Westmont area for landing facilities.

Once complete, the new oil terminal will have four berths, capable of handling six different hydrocarbon import and export products,” said Mwangemi.

“It i fitted with a liquefied petroleum gas facility, crude oil and heavy fuel oil. It also has provisions for handling three types of white oil products aviation fuel, diesel and petrol.”

Other benefits that come with the new Kipevu Oil Terminal include; reduced vessel turn-around time from 4 days to 2 days, an expected significant reduction in demurrage costs and an enhanced vessel operational flexibility through the increased vessel handling capacity.

This comes as Kenya Ports Authority gears up for completion of the 40-billion shilling facility.

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