Government leaders hold requiem mass for the Enziu river bus tragedy

The requiem mass for the 33 choir members who died in the Mwingi bus tragedy on Saturday has taken place at St. Joseph Seminary, Mwingi.

Speaking during the ceremony, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, recognised the local divers who helped in rescue efforts saying they ought to be trained and employed.

Mimi mwenyewe na kama serikali ya Kaunti tutawarecognize na tuwaweke kwa kazi na tuendelee kuwatrain, wawe na higher skills ndio waendelee na kazi hii,” she added.

I want to say personally as the leader of the region, all those involved, we will go to the villages and reach out to them,” the Governor said.

I have requested for all their names and they are about 30 men and we will follow up with them,” Ngilu added.

While making her speech she also recognized a particular young man who had done exemplary well.

One of them called ‘Vampire’, I don’t know why but he retrieved so many bodies, even more than what the other teams were doing and you have also seen another here who also saved lives,” Ngilu stated.

Ministry of Energy and Petroleum CS Monica Juma Eulogized with families of the bereaved.

She unfortunately recognized those who had lost their lives regretting losing school going children, noting that they were important members of their individual families as well as their communities.

She also took part in reading the president’s message of condolence to the people.

The vehicle with a capacity of 50 passengers was ferrying members of a Catholic church choir to a wedding event in Mwingi north when the accident happened.

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