City Businessman wants DPP removed over abuse of office.

Former Jack and Jill proprietor Schon Ahmed Noorani claims that DPP Noordin Haji is guilty of several offenses including abuse of office, incompetence , gross misconduct and non-compliance with chapter six of the Constitution.

Specifically, Noorani wants the PSC to find Haji unsuitable to hold public office citing his handling of a case where fellow businessman Rajendra Ratilal Sanghani allegedly failed to repay his debt totaling Kshs.167 million.

He argues that since he launched his complaint, the DPP had failed to take any competent action, or give direction to offenses committed by the borrower.

He defaulted on the payment of the money and after interest in 2017, the debt had grown to Sh240.6 million.

“Saghani acknowledged owing the petitioner Sh240,669,000 and USD 111,065,” the petition reads.

He then entered into another agreement with Noorani in 2018 to pay Sh1 million in interest which he paid in May of that year.

When the postdated cheques became mature he went to cash them but the bank dishonoured them.

“That letter dated 5th February 2019 from the DPP to DCI…..stating that it is apparent that the issues raised did not disclose any criminal aspects on the part of Mr. Sanghani to warrant prosecution and as such the petitioner’s inquiry file should therefore be closed.” He said in his petition to the commission.

Noorani says attempts to have the DPP review the case findings fell on deaf ears as Haji allegedly refused, neglected, and or ignored to respond to any of his follow-up efforts.

“The DPP’s lack of impartiality and preferential treatment is an abuse of office….which is contrary to the provisions enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and grounds that warrant removal and resignation of the DPP from office,” he said.

He insists that this is not the only isolated case that the DPP has allegedly frustrated. The renowned businessman claims Haji has frustrated many and left victims without justice, hopeless and miserable.

He cites similar petitions by Hannah Van Straten and Francis Nyaga.

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