China has reaffirmed its EAC ties in an Arusha Meeting

China has cemented its commitment to aiding the regional block, the East African Community (EAC), to achieve regional integration by promoting its development projects.

 The Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania and East Africa Community, Chen Mingjian, made the announcement, while presenting her letter of credence to the EAC Secretary General, Peter Mathuki, at the EAC Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

Mathuki appreciated the China’s effort for their incedible support to the East African Region region, particularly through infrastructure development projects championed to enhance intra-EAC trade.

He further hailed China for offering education opportunities to East Africans by the provision of scholarships and exchange programs, which he said, have contributed to filling the skills gaps in the labor market.

 “We appreciate the support that China has given us in our programs such as the YouLead Summit and this speaks of China’s commitment and good relations in the region,” he said.

Mathuki also congratulated the Chinas effort to enhance raise the Private sector in the East Africa Region and enhance business growth that has let to the sprouting of many business.

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