Senator Kindiki ordered to Pay 2.2M for sacking pregnant employee

Tharaka nithi senator Kindiki kithure has been ordered by labour court to compensate a firm associated with 2.2 million shilling after sacking her for being pregnant

In an unusual judgement, Justice Mathews Nduma, compensated lawyer Yasmin Josephine Mokaya 2.2 million shillings saying that the law firm violated her constitutional rights by unlawfully terminating her employment.

Lawyer Yasmine Josephine, who had just completed her third attempt of bar exams and absorbed into Kithure Kindiki & Associates presented her plea for a three months salaried leave which was denied on accounts of financial constraints in the firm. Upon Yasmeen refusal and demanding her constitutional rights, she sought her rights through the courts that been accounted hence her compensation

However, the Judge further dismissed Kindiki’s law firm’s argument that termination of the employment of Mokaya was due to financial constraints.

“l dismissed claims that the dismissal was due to financial constraints because, after the termination, she was replaced with another advocate named Lilian Nyaga,” he stated.

Justice Nduma said the law firm did not give a one-month notice of redundancy to the petitioner and the Labour Officer.

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