Coffee prices register a first time price drop

Coffee prices have dropped by 2 percent since last week’s trade marking the first time that the top export is trading below 33,147 shillings per 50-kilogramme bag. 

The crop is leading to off season as the decline of sales is attributed to poor quality of coffee  beans. 

Data from the Nairobi Coffee Exchange indicates that the price of the product dropped to 31,860 shillings from 32,508 shillings on average per 50 kilo bag when compared to the previous sale.

The auction has been registering a marginal decline in value in the last couple of sales with NCE blaming it on a drop off in premium grade, which normally plays a crucial role in lifting the total earnings.

NCE said the decline was negligible and that the prices were still impressive for the last couple of sales when it recorded a drop but traded above 300 shillings at this time of the year.

This is witnessed since resuming from recess in July.

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