KEPSA joins Sugar industry stakeholders for a revamp pact

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance has joined sugar industry stakeholders in calling for a industry refurbishment

Kepsa, through the Agriculture Sector Network, convened a private sector consultative meeting to discuss the challenges afflicting the sugar industry which has been a subject of concern to the public

The involved key private sector players engaged across the Sugar Value Chain-ranging from producers and growers to the millers.

The meeting came up with plans to develop the Sugar Policy, Sugar Act and the Sugar regulations to fill up the regulatory lacuna afflicting the sector.

The Sugar Bill 2019 is currently at the Committee Stage in Parliament.

Particularly, the slowed development of industry legislation and the influx of cheap imported sugar which is detrimental for the industry growth.

“I find it fascinating that a sector which employs close to 10 million people is not as well recognised or respected in the general public as it should, it is shocking, ” Kepsa Director Bimal Kantaria said.

“We need to have a common ground for us to achieve any progress and this is why we are here to work together towards a common goal of revitalizing the industry.”

Last week, sugarcane farmers in the Western region  accused the government of failing to regulate the cheap sugar imports choking the industry.

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