Petrol, Diesel hit historic high after subsidy removal

Shell petrol station displaying new fuel prices
[Photo: Pearl radio]

Kenyans are waking up today to an all time high cost of fuel after the energy regulatory authority slapped a hike on super petrol b .7.58 per litre . diesel  is up by Ksh.7.94 and Kerosene up by Ksh.12.97. In Nairobi petrol will now cost 134. 72 cents. Diesel will retail at 115.60 and Kerosene will retail at 110.82.  

The Kenyan government had imposed subsidies on the fuel prices due to the effects the pandemic. The State has since March offered consumers of diesel and kerosene a subsidy, with those using petrol enjoying the benefit with the exemption of the May review.

This saw the regulator keep diesel and kerosene prices unchanged since April at Sh107.66 and Sh97.85 a litre respectively on fears an upward review could fuel public anger. Petrol had remained unchanged at Sh127.14 since June.

EPRA has attributed the rising fuel prices to higher costs for landed petroleum products with the cost of landed super petrol rising by 0.72 per cent, diesel by 4.81 per cent and kerosene by 0.96 per cent.

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