On 27th of May, early in the morning, at around 1am, NF; also know as Nathan John Feuerstein, took to Instagram to celebrate a huge achievement.

“Found out let you down hit 1 billion streams today.” The American Rapper captioned his post. “Honestly can’t believe it , thank you guys for all the love and support you’ve shown me throughout of my career.”

NF’s Twitter page

‘Let you down’ becomes one of the most streamed hip-hop song of all time in the platform.

NF started his career in 2010 when he released his debut album dubbed ‘Moments’ under his real name. Seven years down the line, ‘Let you down’ went platinum and since then, NF’s music has been well received.

NF‘s songs usually fit into one of two categories: violent and theatrical rap performances, or emotional songs with soothing choruses that usually deal with important subjects. Two months ago, he released a mixtape called ‘CLOUDS’ and the hype so far is justifiable.

The majority of the tracks on “CLOUDS” fall into the first category, with Feuerstein yelling and rapping at breakneck speed, making the all-caps titles appropriate for the mixtape’s tone.

One thing you should know about Nate, is that he is quick to delete whatever he uploads. On 26th of May, his fans were to quick for him. Despite him deleting his tweet, screenshots were taken and shared of the good news he wanted to share.

“I’m gunna tour!” NF’s deleted tweet read. Since COVID-19 hit the world, no artist has been able to tour around and NF has often displayed his disappointment about this fact.

It’s finally great to see the achievements and recognition he deserves as NF is indeed one of the best hip-hop we have in the industry.

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