CLOUDS: The new side of NF!

Genre: Hip-Hop

Rating: 9/10

The wait is almost over!

Alas, we can now count down days to some great music courtesy of Nathan John Feuerstein; better known as NF. It’s been more than a year since his last album release dubbed ‘The Search’ and even though the next one is a mixtape and not an album, we can’t hide our excitement.

On Friday, 19th February 2021, the singer cum rapper released the first track on his upcoming mixtape, ‘Clouds’, and believe me when I say it’s nothing but perfect.

In the first verse, he stresses why he has been away for such a long period of time and the reason for releasing a mixtape instead of an album. In a press release, NF shared why he crafted a mixtape instead of his typical conceptual albums:

I didn’t want to release a full-length if I couldn’t tour it, because it’s a huge part of my records. I like to build shows with stuff from the covers, stuff from the videos — I like making it all one thing.

He goes ahead to describe himself through a 4 syllable scheme as shown below:

1 Born 2 3 4efficient, 1 got 2 3 4ambition, 1 2sorta 3 4vicious, yup, that’s me (Woo)
1Not 2 3 4artistic, 1 2 3 4unrealistic, 1 2 3 4chauvinistic, not those things
1Go 2the 3 4distance, 1so 2 3 4prolific, 1posts 2are 3 4cryptic, move swiftly
1 2 3 4Unsubmissive, 1the 2king 3of 4mischie “

Before he used to do triplets schemes but in ‘Clouds’ we see him using quad schemes which is super impressive considering how he has rhymed well.

Now the videography in this video is super insane as the transitions and beat cuts are executed very well from one scene to another. For the longest time, we have known NF to be dark and twisted but in this jam, we see a different side of him; the humor side of him.

NF goes on to paint how he’s unbelievable and no one in the world can copy him or his style. On top of that, he explains his work ethic in the music industry.

Ripping the teeth out the back of my mouth is the closest you’ll get to my wisdom

The American rapper also takes shots at some rappers by stating he doesn’t care about trophies and he doesn’t rock any rollies ( Rolex watches).

Towards his last verse with some great transitions both musically and in the video, he talks about how he is proud of his achievement and he will always stick to his lane no matter the season he will be in.

Can push all you want, ain’t movin’ an inch
I rarely miss, you know I’m relentless
Ain’t got a choice, no way to prevent it
Just who I am, and I don’t regret it

The mixtape will be released on 26th March 2021 and it have have 10 tracks.

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