17 Ugandans arrested for campaigning for Bobi Wine freed on bail

The Ugandan military court has released 17 people detained five months ago while campaigning for presidential candidate Bobi Wine.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) party members were arrested in December 2020 in the island district of Kalangala.

This was a month before the election.

They included members of Bobi Wine’s media, security and protocol teams.

They are among 49 people arrested and subsequently charged with illegal possession of four rounds of ammunition.

Eighteen others, who include Bobi Wine’s bodyguard Edward Ssebufu were remanded until 8 June.

The court will consider their bail application on the same day.

Tough bail terms were set for those released.

The Chairperson of the Court, Andrew Gutti, barred them from travelling outside the capital, Kampala.

Each are subject to a non-cash bond of 20m Ugandan shillings (Ksh606,336).

Those who stood as their sureties to a non-cash bond are subject to 50m (Ksh 1.5million) Ugandan shillings.

The amounts are to be paid should they abscond.

They are also required to report to the court twice a month.

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