Wajir governor impeachment case continues today

The impeachment of wajir governor Mohammed Abdi continues today at the senate.

The governor’s legal team will have the chance to put up its defense against accusations leveled against him by the county assembly members.

They include pilferage of county coffers, financial misappropriation, gross misconduct and abuse of office.

The governors team is set to present at least 4 witnesses to defend him in the trial.

It is being conducted by the 11 member select committee of the senate led by Nyamira senator Okong’o Omogeni.

The county assembly dragged the governor’s first family into the impeachment hearing.

However efforts to have them summoned did not bear fruit. 

They accused the first lady of running a ring and web of corruption benefitting from kickbacks from suppliers, running into millions of shillings.

Previously, 37 members of the Wajir County assembly voted to impeach the county boss on accusations of financial impropriety.

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