Physical hearing of court cases in infected five counties likely to resume

Physical hearing of court cases could resume in the five counties which were under lockdown.

Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu directed presiding judges and heads of stations to urgently hold consultative meetings with the bar bench to facilitate safe resumption of physical sessions.

This as the country’s covid-19 test positivity rate stood on average at 9.5%.

Still significantly above the WHO recommended 5%.

Nairobi and Mombasa still remain the two counties where one is most likely to get covid-19.

And even as churches, mosques and other places of worship resume physical congregational worshiping in the 5 counties of the disease infected zone, religious leaders are calling for caution particularly ahead of the EID celebrations.

All Saints Cathedral provost Reverend canon Sammy Wainaina said yesterday was the first day of in-person congregations.

Those who attended had to pre-register before.

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