Kenya receives nebulization equipments in honor of world asthma day

Kenya has received 300 nebulisation machines and 300 nebulising stations.

The machines, received during the marking of World Asthma Day at KNH on Wednesday, will be availed to various health institutions across the country and will help in easing symptoms in asthma patients.

The donations were handed to Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman by the Company President for the African cluster Barbara Nel.

According to the ministry of health, asthmatics are at a higher risk of attracting severe covid-19,

if treatment is not adhered to as advised, given that its symptoms mimic those of covid-19.

Barbra Nel the president of the Astrazeneca Pharma company Africa Cluster, spoke on the importance of nebulisation.

Speaking during the event, health CAS Rashid Aman also emphasized on the need to make good use of the Donations.

He has called on people with the disease to adhere to Covid-19 containment measures at all times to prevent being infected with the virus by observing social distancing and proper wearing of face masks.

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