JSC interviews Justice Said Chitembwe for Supreme court judge seat

Interviews for the Supreme Court Judge are ongoing with Justice Said Chitembwe appearing before the JSC first. He says if he becomes the next Supreme court judge, he will take cases including post-presidential election matters with the seriousness they deserve.

In this regard, he claims his role will be to dispense justice, evaluate cases and discourage prejudice. In matters Jurisprudence, he argues that he is qualified given his years of experience.

The civil division lawyer cites comparisons from the Supreme Court in the United States of America. He makes reference to a – 48-year old judge – younger than him. Furthermore, he mentions justices Neil Goodwich and others who are below the age of 55 yet in the supreme court.

While responding to the Attorney General’s question, on what special attribute in terms of judicial philosophy he would bring to shape the future of the supreme court, he cited leveraging on the rule of law.

The JSC panel will interview candidates today, Tuesday and Wednesday. Only 7 of the 9 applicants will sit in the interviews. The two who will not appear are Justice Martha Koome and Judge kathurima who has withdrawn his candidature following the nomination of Koome.

Justice Nduma Nderi and Dr. Patrick Lumumba will plead their cases on Tuesday, while the court of appeal president Justice William Ouko, Justice Joseph Sergon and Ms. Alice Yano will be interviewed on Wednesday.

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