Governors urged to spearhead climate mitigation programs in their counties.

Governors are now being urged to spearhead climate mitigation programs in their counties, in order to address climate change in the country

This has been evidenced by the rising water levels in the Rift valley lakes as well as droughts in the country.

Speaking in Kajiado during a two-day tree planting exercise, Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa lauded Kajiado county for passing the climate change bill that will boost the campaign towards achieving 10% forest cover.

The council of governors has taken up the initiative to plant over 2 billion trees.

Research shows Climate change and variability are a major threat to the agricultural sector globally.

It is widely accepted that the changes in temperature, rainfall patterns, sea water level and concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will have the most devastating impacts on agricultural production.

This research examined the past and future crop production and food security in Kenya under variable climate.

From the review, it is evident that the country is already experiencing episodes of climate change, manifested by seasonal changes in precipitation and temperature of varying severity and duration despite overreliance on rain-fed agriculture.

The findings also reveal that climate change would continue to negatively affect crop production and food security to the already vulnerable communities in the arid and semi-arid areas.

Future projections also indicate that climate variability will likely alter cropping patterns and yields in several regions.

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