200 to be arraigned in court for flouting COVID -19 rules

More than 200 people are expected to be arraigned in court today for flouting COVID 19 regulations.

Some who are still in police custody and some bailed out were arrested over the weekend as police intensify operations in Nakuru and Nairobi counties.

177 were arrested in Nairobi while 45were nabbed in Nakuru county over the weekend.

This comes as police regional commissioner James Kianda, warned the public that police officers would scale up measures in the locked down counties to ensure observation of the covid-19 protocols.

In Nairobi, motorists were stalled in a 4 hour traffic on Thika road as Police mounted roadblocks after 8 pm .

Members of the public have however complained of the 8 pm curfew especially in Nairobi saying it I impossible to navigate the Nairobi traffic on a working day.

They have cited the ongoing constructions on roads and the 60 percent capacity in public service vehicles making it hard to secure transport home by 8 pm.

The new measures imposed by President Uhuru Kenyatta on 26th March are meant to flatten the COVID 19 infections that shot in the beginning of March this year .

The spike was however attributed to political activities by those drumming support for the BBI where rallies were held all over the country with regulations especially on social distancing being disregarded.

The politicians against the BBI also followed the trend holding public rallies and meeting in the face of impending spread of the coronavirus.

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