Activist Kiama to be detained over President Uhuru poster in IMF rage

Activist Mutemi Kiama [Photo: NMG]

Police are seeking to detain Activist Mutemi Kiama for 2 weeks, to conduct further investigations.

The police are accusing Kiama of making a viral notice with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s face, warning the world against entering into loan agreements with him, on behalf of the country.

Mutemi’s Lawyers Martha Karua, and Harun Ndubi have however sought Kiama’s release on free bond, while quoting a number of illegal acts performed towards him. 

The activist came up with the graphics, following the uproar against the approval of a Kshs 255 billion loan, to the country from the IMF.

This has also seen the signing of a petition to the IMF, with close to 150,000 Kenyans supporting it.

The petition is pointing at the alleged corruption in the government, that has seen loss of funds meant for development.

Economy experts, have however dismissed the rage by Kenyans on social media, directed to IMF, saying elected leaders in parliament should handle the issue by legislating on the debt ceiling.

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