President Uhuru Kenyatta orders his entire Cabinet and Executive office to take the COVID-19 vaccine

President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed his entire Cabinet and Executive in his office to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Chief of Staff in the Office of the President Nzioka Waita says the president directed that they lead by example in the fight against CoronaVirus.

In a tweet, Nzioka said, “As the Government scales up the rollout of the national Covid-19Vaccine program, the President has directed his entire Cabinet and Executive Office to lead by example and get the jab! Received mine this morning under the watchful guidance of the Ministry of Health vaccination team.”

Waita received the jab today morning under the guidance of the Ministry of Health vaccination team.

Cabinet Secretaries and members of the executive in the executive office of the President, who are yet to be vaccinated are now expected to follow suit.

Earlier the Ministry of Health said that politicians will not be among the first ones to receive the jab in the first phase of vaccination. This has however changed as the vaccines are set to expire in June, following the slow uptake of the vaccine.

The Ministry in a statement, through the chairman of the Covid-19 vaccine Deployment Taskforce, Willis Akhwale, said, “In view of this surge of the pandemic and in order to protect and save lives, the Ministry of Health has decided to immediately prioritize vaccinations of persons aged 58 years and above. This group of persons will now be a priority target group under the ongoing phase 1 vaccination exercise.”

Akhwale said, “This prioritization is also aligned to the WHO and National Taskforce on Vaccine Deployment recommendations.”

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