Ousted Nairobi Governor files complaint against Chief magistrate Ogoti

Ousted Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, has filed a complaint before the Judicial service commission, against Anti-corruption court chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti.

Sonko wants the magistrate investigated, for alleged unethical conduct and bias in the hearing of his 10 million sh corruption case. He claims that Ogoti has at all times, refused all his applications for adjournment of the matter, even with valid reasons.

He says the conduct of the magistrate is contrary to the principles of justice, and should therefore be investigated as appropriate disciplinary action is taken against him.

His case, which happened on camera, forced his lawyer John Khaminwa to walk out claiming bias.

Dr. John Khaminwa and the others claimed that the court has denied them time to gather evidence from Sonko’s former lawyers for adequate preparation for the case.

He said, “I have left the courtroom. I do not think it will be fair for me to be party to proceedings where I don’t even have instructions from the governor, and as such, I will not be of use to him.”

Khaminwa also says Sonko was given 14 days to rest by doctors, following his sudden death of his driver due to suspected covid-19 and the positive results of his co-accused. He now accuses the magistrate of being unreasonable.

He added, “I do not want to participate in an illegal process.”

He also argued that he did not understand why the media was absent in the hearing yet it was a public hearing. He said, “Under Article 50 of the Constitution, the media represents the public and there is no way you can shut it out.”

The hearing was held outside the chambers as per the Covid-19 protocols.

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