ODM Leader confirmed in good condition after being admitted in Hospital

March, 10th 2021 – ODM leader Raila Odinga’s doctor has now given a report following Raila’s admittance earlier at the Nairobi Hospital with general fatigue and body aches.

Dr David Oluoch Olunya in a report to the press stated that Raila Odinga is in good condition. He is under close supervision by medical doctors and will be resting for a while.

Earlier today, the ODM Leader had been admitted at Nairobi Hospital with general fatigue and body aches.

The former Prime Minister’s elder brother Oburu Odinga however says he is in stable condition. Oburu says that the medical tests on Raila, which include a COVID-19 test, were not yet in.

He also watered down claims that the ODM leader had contracted COVID-19, saying he had not exhibited any Covid symptoms.

However, the ODM party director Dennis Onyango said that doctors have advised the former Prime Minister to go into isolation for two weeks.

According to his aid Dennis Onyango, the AU special envoy had been advised to go on isolation and bed rest following the doctor’s advice.

He said, “He checked in for a complete series of tests because he has been on a countrywide tour from Turkana to Narok to Busia and Coast region without rest.

ODM party leader Raila Odinga was taken to the Nairobi Hospital after  complaining of fatigue [ARTICLE] - Pulse Live Kenya

He added, “He says he feels okay, but the doctors cautioned that some of the symptoms need to be monitored. The doctors have advised that he takes complete rest as they continue to run tests.”

Reports also indicate that Odinga was taken to the same facility earlier and was discharged. He has been put under strict observation with further tests to be conducted to establish his ailment.

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