Schools in England reopen as lockdown eases

March, 8th 2021 – Children in England have gone back to school after more than two months of studying at home in the latest lockdown. Most secondary schools have started with a phased return this week.

Students will be expected to wear face masks in classrooms alongside taking the Covid test. Primary schools have also opened for all pupils.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the return as an important first step towards a sense of normality. He says it marks the first step in a four stage government plan to ease the lockdown while trying to prevent a new surge of infections.

Mr. Johnson said, “Getting all schools back has been our priority and the first step of our roadmap back to normality.”

The lockdown has been in place since the beginning of January.

Since the start of the pandemic, Britain has recorded 124,500 deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test which is the worst death toll in Europe and in the World.

According to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, the government is considering measures to help pupils, including longer school days and shorter holidays.

Meanwhile, the lockdown still remains in place for the adults. Social contact has also been restricted with orders to stay at home except for essential reasons. Most cafes, and shops have been closed with some restaurants able to offer only takeaways and deliveries.

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