Catholic Church Nyeri Archbishop Muheria, gives covid-19 vaccine a thumbs up

The Catholic church is in support of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine after the arrival of more than one million doses into the country.

Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria has dismissed sentiments by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association calling on Kenyans to reject the jab.

Speaking during the official opening of the ICT and library complex at the Mukurwe-ini technical training institute, the Nyeri diocese Archbishop declared the stand of the catholic church in regards to the Pandemic.

“In principle we are in favor of the vaccine, in principle we want to fight COVID-19 and it is ethical to receive those vaccines,” he said.

“It seems there is something Bill Gates has invested in that requires the whole world to be vaccinated. What that investment is remains the million-dollar question,” said Dr Stephen Karanja, the association chairman.

The association had argued that all COVID-19 the vaccines are experimental and can only reduce the risks of sever disease and death but will not stop infection or transmission of the the disease.

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