Matatu operators seek to flatten Covid-19 curve

Kwale county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri [photo: The Star]

Feb, 25th 202`1 – Matatu operators have urged the government to heighten cross border surveillance in order to flatten the curve. Those in Mogori county said that Matatus plying the Sirare Kisumu route are at high risk of getting infected.

Area association chairperson George added the free movement across the border of Kenya and Tanzania is giving room for the importation of covid-19 cases from the neighbouring country. 

At the same time Kwale county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri has called for covid-19 testing at the Lunga lunga border point. He added that that the heightened surveillance comes as a result of the surge in Covid-19 infections and deaths in the neighbouring country.

He said that health personel will be increased in the border points to ensure visitors entering the copuntry are tested. Checks points on routes from the East Africa nation will also be boosted as they have reported a spike in the cases and deaths.

He has called on the communities at the border to work hand in hand with the authority to help curb the spread of the virus. He said, “We are asking the border communities to support the public health measures to contain Covid-19 and that anyone found using undesignated places will be dealt with.”

He added that, “We are doing everything possible to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic into our side of the border.”

Mr. Kanyiri says that a high level team comprising of officials from the Ministry of Health and the National Border Management Committee toured Lunga Lunga to assess the level of preparedness.

He adds that security agents will be doing patrols at all entry points into the country and be on the lookout for for persons crossing the border from neighboring countries.

He added that those who will resort to using illegall or unformal crossing points will be dealt with accordingly.

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