At least 6 feared dead in bus attack in Tigray

Feb, 22nd 2021 – At least six students have died after an attack on a bus in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray.

According to eyewitnesses, there were clashes between soldiers escorting the vehicle and the attackers.

They said that the bus was stopped many times at road blocks as it made its way from a graduation ceremony in the regional capital Mekelle.

It is still not clear who carried out the attack but this shows Tigray is still volatile months after the federal government said the conflict with the regional authorities was over.

Past Tigray conflicts

Earlier on, forces in Tigray had raised alarms over possible war crimes.

Hundreds have been reportedly killed while tens of thousands flee from the country to protect themselves. Tigray forces had vowed to continue fighting saying that they are ready to die in defense of their rights to administer their region. 

According to the AFP news agency, a meeting by the UN Security Council to discuss the fight in Tigray ended without a statement with African countries reportedly requesting more time to allow for diplomatic efforts by the African Union to continue.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had issued a 72-hour ultimatum to Tigray forces urging them to surrender as they are at a point of no return.

Tigray’s forces then vowed to keep fighting with their leader Debretsion Gebremichael saying that they are “ready to die in defense of our right to administer our region“.

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