Woman claiming to be Late Nyachae’s wife seeks recognition

Feb, 17th, 2021 A woman, Margret Chweya – 65 who is a Kenyan living in the Unites States claims she has two sons with the late cabinet Minister Simeon Nyachae. Margret now wants the Nyachae family to recognize their children saying they got together through a traditional marriage.

Margret claims it is Nyachae’s secretary who called to inform her of the demise. The woman narrated that after losing her parents she moved to reside in Nairobi where she met the deceased. “I dropped out from school while in form 2,” she continued to state. “We used to go to his farm in Nakuru with Mzee during the holidays. He bought me a house next to his, and that is where I used to stay,” she said.

She further stated that it was Nyachae who facilitated her move together with her two sons to the United states and supported them all through. “While in the USA, I completed my studies and secured a job,” she narrated. “All the time, we were in communication and Nyachae used to support us.”

The woman who reveals she left pictures of her children and his grandchildren with Nyachae’s secretary. Upon receiving news of Nyachae’s death, she flew into the country with one of her 47-year old sons, attending the funeral service at Gusii stadium but her efforts to access Nyachae’s rural home were futile.

On Monday morning, we made our way to Gusii stadium where we attended the funeral service smoothly, but things changed when we went to Nyaosia for the burial. My son and I were denied access to the main compound,” she said.

Margret now says she will seek legal redress if the family ignores her grievances.

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