Baringo County Assembly rejects BBI Bill

Feb, 12th 2021 – Baringo county is the first to reject the BBI bill, as 30 jubilee party Members of County Assembly voted against it, while 11 others allied to KANU voted in its favor.

Chaos filled the county yesterday during a debate on the constitutional amendment bill. Politicians from KANU accused their colleagues of rejecting the Bill without public participation.

Amaya Selemoi claimed, “Mr. Speaker, I know there are some Jubilee members here who are conniving to shoot down the bill which is sponsored by the government, this is very unfair.”

The session was presided over by Assembly speaker David Kiplagat where the legal committee chair, Charles Kosgei slapped his Kabarnet ward counterpart who attempted to grab the microphone from him.

The chaos in Baringo resulted to tear gas being Raphael Tuju, Jubilee Party Secretary-General had earlier urged MCAs to pass the motion. He reminded them of the negative impacts of voting against the bill saying, “There is a difference between Ayes, Nos, and abstention. If the House passes the motion, nobody will find out who supported the push but if it fails then the nominated MCAs will be vulnerable that is why it is important to explain to you.”

He added, “You rather abstain instead of voting against it when the party is rooting for yes, it is like committing suicide.”

This at a time when Homa Bay, Siaya, and Kisumu counties have approved the bill.

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