Waiguru drums for BBI support in Kirinyaga

Feb, 11th 2021 – Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has pleaded with Kirinyaga Members of County Assembly to pass the Building Bridges Initiative Bill.

While delivering her 3rd State of the County address before the County Assembly of Kirinyaga, Waiguru said the document will greatly boost the county’s development agenda. She said, “As we all know, we are in a constitutional moment, a moment that calls on us leaders to amplify our voices and secure the interest of our people.”

She championed some of the proposals in the BBI, such as the provision of a minimum 5 percent allocation towards ward development funds, saying it would guarantee at least 400 million to every ward every year. “The increase of Ksh.8 billion will enable us to realize enormous development for our people and reduce dependency on the national government,” Waiguru said.

She added that the Bill is inclusive of MCAs as part of the County Executive Committee which will increase the collaboration between the Assembly and the executive.

She said, “We must separate matters concerning BBI from 2022 elections politics and therefore urge you to put your personal and partisan political interest aside, and put Kirinyaga people first and unanimously pass the proposed constitutional amendment Bill.”

She went on to note the development projects that have been accomplished by her administration in the area. Among the achievements, she mentioned the modern markets at Kiamutugu, Kutus, Makutano, Kerugoya, and Kagumo as many more are being erected. She added that the markets are were in poor conditions but the situation changed when she took over transforming the facilities.

Waiguru said, “Since we took over the leadership of this county, we encountered many challenges along the way but despite this, we have been able to deliver especially on infrastructure.”

She went on to laud the County Assembly for their commendable team work after her impeachment.

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