Anti -Corruption court to rule whether ‘sick’ Sonko will be forced to appear in Court.

The court is on Thursday expected to  rule on whether it will issue an order to have former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko produced in court for the 10 million shillings bribery case.

Sonko through his lead lawyer John Khaminwa told Anti-corruption Magistrate Douglas Ogoti that the former governor  is still sick and unable to attend court.  

“I do not have good news as my client is still admitted at Nairobi hospital owing to cardiac problems, high blood pressure among other conditions,” said Khaminwa

Khaminwa told the court that he has received medical reports showing there is no improvement on the part of the Governor.

“His high blood pressure is unpredictable. We urge you to put off this matter and give us a later date in the month of April,” said Khaminwa.

Sonko was supposed to appear in court on Wednesday  to inform it on whether his former team of advocates had complied with the directions issued by Ogoti last week.

Ogoti had directed Lawyers Cecil Miller and George Kithi to hand in all documentary evidence supplied to them by the state to Sonko’s new legal team within forty eight hours.

But Khaminwa who is now Sonko’s lead counsel yesterday said the directive is yet to be complied with.

In a brief rejoinder, state counsel Alex Akula told Judge Ogoti that they cannot comment on claims of Sonko being hospitalized as they have not been presented with any medical reports.

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