Man shoots wife to death with arrow over a sack of maize

Feb, 10th 2021 – Villagers have been left in shock after a man in Elburgon aged 48 from Kaptimon Village killed his wife. Using an arrow, he shot at her killing her instantly after disputing over a bag of maize.

Following a statement released by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Wilson Koech attempted to sell the maize but was opposed by his wife and son.

Koech feeling downcasted got into a fit of rage and went after his son Collin Kipchumba armed with a machete. The young man was able to escape and unhurt. However, his 43-year-old mother did not evade unscathed.

According to detectives, the suspect is said to have turned on his wife shooting her through the left breast, killing her on the spot. “He then turned to his 43-year-old wife with an arrow and shot her on her left breast, killing her on the spot,” DCI said.

He was arrested shortly after and is being processed, awaiting his arraignment in court.

This has raised an alarm in the domestic scene connecting to the similar cases occurred over the past few months starting January. The string holds vital as families are vulnerable to the fatal possibilities of man slaughter. The situation seemingly sounding muddled will leave many to hold guard at the times of uncertainty.

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