Parliament resumes for the fifth session

Feb, 9th 2021 – The National Assembly and the Senate resume its seating this afternoon for the fifth session at 2.30 pm.

National assembly has a full tray to handle but they will first need to approve other members of the house business committee.

The house will also have to consider pending bills including the public Private partnership amendment bill 2017, the Refugee bill 2019 , the wage bill 2019 and the Mediation bill 2020.

Mediation bill is seeking to bring harmony on bills that involve both the national assembly and Senate and avoid stalemates like the one experienced in the revenue allocation bill .

The house will look in to the referendum bill which is expected to attract heated debate ahead of the intended constitution amendment bill brought by the BBI.

Senate on the other hand will also have a motion to approve new members to the Senate business committee.  

 Last week ,the Clerk of the Senate,  Jeremiah Nyegenye  asked the Secretariat he leads, to prepare what is expected to be the busiest Senate Session.

Nyegenye added that the senate is in the  process of republishing about 40 Bills in line with court ruling that  no Bill will be introduced in either House of Parliament without the joint resolution process by the two Speakers of Parliament. 

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